Jamal smiling to the camera, head and shoulders wearing a dark suit and navy silk tie.

Jamal Elfarissi

General Vice-Secretary

Jamal joined EBF's Moroccan Board in 2020 and he brings with him a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. Born and raised in Tansghart, one of the oldest Berber villages surrounding Asni valley and the location for EBF's first craft centre, Jamal would walk over an hour every day to get to and from class. He dropped out of school at a young age and so when nearby property Kasbah Tamadot offered free English lessons to the community, Jamal grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Jamal excelled on the programme and with the opening of Kasbah Tamadot to guests in 2006, Jamal received further training in technology, hospitality core competencies and gained hands-on experience in front desk operations and customer service. Today, Jamal is Guest Services Manager at the property and he continues to be a very valued and active voice in his home village of Tangshart. 

"One of my best memories is when I met Eve personally at Tansgart Village and Eve asked for a photo to take home with her as a souvenir of her trip. From that moment, I longed to join Eve’s team. Now, being a part of the EBF Board is really inspiring, fun and fruitful."