Houssain Bousouka


Houssain worked with the original owner of Kasbah Tamadot, antiques collector, Luciano Tempo and has been at the property since 1990 where he is now Deputy Manager. Since opening, Kasbah Tamadot now employs over 90% local staff and of the 140 individuals currently employed 120 of them have at least one family member working alongside them!

Born and raised in a village close to Kasbah Tamadot, Houssain was with Eve during her first visit to the property when it was for sale. Her first question was “Are there any associations in the valley to help those who are in need?”

Houssain was already active in the community as Treasurer, then President, of the Tifaouine Association and regularly suggested ideas to Eve of how to help address community needs. Eve actioned many of these on regular visits whilst the property was being renovated. Houssain also helped set up a craft area with Eve who provided knitting materials. Houssain was instrumental in connecting with Virgin Unite during a visit in 2010 to help build a new crèche in Douar Asni.  

“EBF serves as a role model for other associations who come to this valley to visit and learn from our examples, train. I am very appreciative of the Eve Branson Foundation’s efforts to support, train and help the local rural communities. I have shared many lovely moments with Eve, who fell in love with the area as well as the people.”