Florence Devereux


Florence recently joined the committee in 2017. The Granddaughter of Eve and daughter of Vanessa Branson, who set up the Hotel Riad El Fenn, Florence has grown up visiting Morocco. Florence is an artist, curator and astrologer. With each of these different practices she explores how humans situate themselves within their perceived ecologies – an investigation she feels is critical in this time of environmental crisis. 

Her own work in Marrakech started five years ago when she set up the first art residency space in the city, called Mint Works.

With her partner Jean Feline, Florence has hosted over 50 artists in the city and worked with countless local contemporary artists. Mint Works is an experimental platform that aims to bring together North African and European artists to collaborate and push artistic boundaries with one another.   

”I am indebted to the many inspiring and brave artists I have met in Morocco and look forward to collaborating with the Berbers.”