Amie Gardner


Amie has been with the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) for over four years – Brighton-born, she has lived and worked in London since she was 20 years old. Amie’s role is varied and has included working with the investment team at Virgin Unite, and she has been instrumental in launching exciting fundraising initiatives and driving forward a personalised donor engagement strategy.

“I am a mother, so most of my ‘spare' time involves my children. Thankfully they inspire me constantly and there is no one better able to make me laugh than my children, with their unique insights and brilliantly frank take on things. I trained as a chef many years ago and cooking is still a joy, as is dressmaking, sketching, all things vintage, learning, photography, books, the outdoors.

More than anything I hope to see the EBF continue long into the future. I hope that what we have worked so hard to create, ensures a legacy in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco that is always held in high regard, and that we not only continue to contribute positively to our communities, but also inspire others to act similarly.”