If you’re planning a visit to Morocco, then our Authentically Berber Experience Tour in the High Atlas Mountains is a must. In partnership with Kasbah Tamadot, we have created an unforgettable, off-the-beaten-track experience.

This inspiring cultural experience includes participation in local artisanal activities, helping to preserve Berber heritage, create long-term advocates for the region and raise funds for our programmes.  

Weaver wearing pink scarf sat at loom looking down at her work, smiling.

This immersive day takes in the traditional earth-built Berber villages of Tansghart & Tamgounssi. Nestled in the High Atlas mountains,1300 metres above sea level, these peaceful villages are tucked away from the regular tourist routes.

Arriving at our weaving centre Tamgounssi, you will meet the artisans and craft teachers, watch local bread or ‘khobz’ being made in traditional clay ovens, pick herbs for a Berber mint tea ritual and enjoy a traditional tagine cookery lesson.

Observe artisans using ancient techniques in wood-carving, weaving or rug-making on a traditional loom and visitors are invited to try the looms for themselves. Discover the hidden world of the Berbers whilst making a positive impact on these communities. 

This experience is directly bookable through Kasbah Tamadot